Nice little cave with a stream flowing in the background,With evil looking things flying around trying to kill you.

This... turtle spews bullets everywhere while shooting some in a spread pattern. Shoot that thing in its soft neck. Is this what happens to them when you flush 'em? Eww...

Hmm... well, shoot its head and watch out for return fire. This monstrosity is a bit easier than Mr. Turtle.

First part of this stage is flying over water with a cloudy Sky. Watch out for mobile clouds with eyes that bleed on you.

This angel goes anywhere to kick butt and take names! not even submerged can slow him down.

Dodge... um... dodge some more... and more... then kill that crustacean.

Umm, neat a sunken ship with a head that tries to shoot you. Shoot back and you will destroy it... or will you?

What is it with this game and faces?! Dodge and shoot that ugly mug!

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