Level three….I wonder how far that background goes. Must have taken the coders weeks to program a background that goes back for miles and miles like that.
Check out those polygon rocks. These annoying guys hop around. I like short sentences. See Jane run.
This part is very much like R-Type, as streams of the gun-headed enemies come out in set patterns.
They should have a cutscene for every boss fight, which shows cool action pics of the Hellfire ship pummeling the boss. But, they don't. If I ran things, that's how it would be.
We do get a cutscene of scared anime pilots though. She just realized that the iron is on back home.
Level 4, the jungle. Best jungle level I've ever seen is in R-Type Leo level 3. Beautiful graphics that one. Second best is Gradius Gaiden jungle level.

(Shame the actual sprites aren't up to scratch - Felix the Cat)
Fourth boss, some ugly lookin' bird heads.
Watch out for the protruding worms of level five.
Here, the walls pull back to reveal hidden gun turrets. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Lots of deeply embedded enemies coming up in this section. Use the appropriate countermeasure.

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