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Here’s the first level, complete with Japanese style houses. Here comes the Musha, there goes the neighborhood!

A house on treads….watch the property value fluctuate every few feet as you cruise through the city.

Aurang's impression of the game

Musha is full of mid bosses’s a mechanical foe that shoves the walls out after you.

Second boss, a rail gun flamethrower. I see that cute little face poking through there...

I die a lot on this level, can’t remember why. I think now is the point in the game where it gets hard to see the bullets. That clawed monster in the middle is a tougher enemy, but nothing the Spriggan can’t handle.

Noticed the bosses are pretty cool? Very close parallels with Spriggan CD graphic wise and gameplay wise.

Second form, now it’s got a spiked tail. Watch your score go higher and higher as you continue wasting baddies.

Back to the city, now trojan horse smiley faces hide lasers. Behind that smile lies certain plasmatic death.

I keep thinking those powerups are music notes. They look like two semitones, but are really Japanese symbols.

That certainly aint the Love Boat...

Those battleships are like larger enemies, and break in two when you attack them enough. Here is the back end of that ship...

A face that only a mother could love. Watch the hands, as they shoot lasers...

The “battleship” level in Musha is replaced by a house. Something about the Japanese and moving houses. I’m surprised there aren’t many trailer parks in Japan.

This appears to be your main rival throughout the game. Will this be your only encounter ? (foreshadow..foreshadow)

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