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Hereís that face again, now as an *official* boss.

I knew it! Beauty is only skin deep.

Now this is the REAL battleship level. A nasty looking floater on top of molten quaint.

With big guns too, I might add. Itís levels like these that make Musha such a popular title.

This is ďthe mechísĒ second appearance. Can you put him away, once and for all?

Being angry that you constantly dish out a beat down, he makes use of a bubble whip, which has a length of almost the whole screen.

Itís back to mechanics in level seven.

Miniboss: not to be confused with a midiboss, who attacks with low quality music.

Oh, yeah. This thing. Every part seems to be moving. The side lasers go up and down, and the top part back and forth, with a huge front weapon..

Was that the last guy? Nosireeee! This purple shard device spits out HUGE bouncing orbs, you really have to know where to be to dodge these things.

His final form has you traversing a tunnel with walls closing in, and dodging more orbs. Sheesh!

Hey, another youngster last boss...I donít understand the obsession with shooters and babies. Well, thatís that..or is it?

As the ďendingĒ starts to roll, something strange happens.

Yes, itís back! And this time, calling down lightning from the sky. Try to see where they are going to appear, and donít stand there! Heís not too tough, after a little damage, heíll fold.

You are escorted home, and look! Heís not really dead! Just like in Soldier Blade! Maybe the two heaps of wreckage will meet up in space, join together, and form a Frankenship that you will have to fight in Musha Blade...

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