Step one, before blasting off, is to go into the EDIT mode. I know this is new for most shooter fans, so holster those itchy trigger fingers for a short while.

Be sure to change both your weapons and options, then go through a 100 question, true false/multiple choice test on "how well your know your shmups". Those who score a 93 or above will be given the job of updating Shmups Mk2.

(Poor people!!!!! You call that a prize? =) - Akira)

Ok, you have five points to dump into regular weapon's homing strength, or you option's speed. I put most of it into the "homming" power of weapons. If you can "homm" well, the game's a breeze.

(yo yo yo! where my hommies at! =P - Akira)

Pick the option's starting position, then the ending position. A1-A2 then B1-B2. You can make them as close or as far from your ship as the grid allows. Then call a friend into the room, and yell out "C7 - You sunk my Hobar-ship!" (Battleship Milton Bradley) (Hobar-ship Roger Post)

This aint no little shop of horrors. Don't worry, you can pass through the main green vines.

Only at level one, and already the "shooter necessity snake". The boss looks like a frontal view of a praying Mantis.

Ah, the generic factory level 2. That blue cylinder thing is really a switch, and shooting the red light on top opens up the doors ahead.

This section keeps you on your toes, since after some walls open, others shut. The good news is that enemies are trapped by this also. Makes for a very cool level design.

Try to ignore the graphics. Just close your eyes or something.

More awesome CGI in the next page!



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