Walls all over, in this section. It gets a little complicated. Those guys in the middle eventually get loose and give chase.

Even at the boss the walls still play with you. Just stay away from any horizontal or vertical connections, and you will be safe. The boss itself is pretty easy.

Level three, the tribute to "Pengo"!. Here, when you shoot an ice block it gives way for a second, then snaps back. This calls for some quick action on your part.

(Pengo rules! [**humms 'Popcorn'**] - Akira)

The typical smashable barrier ice section.

Now a new element: those grey machines push the blocks for you. This game is getting very creative!

A small meteor shower to keep your attention.

Now you have to navigate the blocks like a maze, with flying enemies coming at you. Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Hope so.

The ice boss is really cool (no pun intended). Chip away the frozen layers until you reach the core, while all the time dodging the two icepicks that dart out periodically. He gets really fast when almost dead.

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