Took me a while to figure out this green device is a teleporter. Stupid to build one on the outside of your ship, innit it? Maybe makes it easier for refueling, or delivering the space mail.

The first teleport room is empty. What's going on?

It leads to… guessed it…..a mini-boss. This guy (I'll call it Bob, for no real reason) is really easy. All Bob does is circle around and shoot a tri-laser your way. Plenty of room to hang out at the bottom and not get hit.

Now were' gettin to the real innards of the enemy battleship.

Yep, you guessed it: BIO section=end sequence. (Hey Akira/Felix, here's an idea for a new section: the Shooter handbook. It would explain such things as the required snake, the battleship level, the bio section just mentioned, and other "insider" shooter information.)

(Heh, why not =) The aquatic level too - Akira)

You know, that is one really ugly lookin main ship. Guess that's why we never got the Over Horizon toy line. Yeah, that's what we need! R-Type toys! Thunderforce toys! Toilet Kid toys!

(Yeah that would rule! the last one I mean. Flying penis action figures and turd beanie-babies... nice - Akira)

The final boss is pretty neat too….two snake-like arms darting about, a spread shot, and a ripple laser, all while three heads (who look strangely familiar…where have I seen them before?) giggle at you.

(A mix of Donald Duck, the first R-Type boss and Babidi from Dragonball Z maybe =P - Akira)

Was this pre-Gradius 2? Somebody is ripping off one another. I get my dates mixed up…..doesn't really bother me much anyway, both games are worthwhile. Now if a sorry game ripped off Gradius, then I'd be mad.

(Stop laughing you ugly mucker! - Akira)

Ok, I take it back, the ship DOES look cool. At least in this picture…

After all the credits roll and the hoopla dies down, I'm about to shut down the game when…






(Oh my god, look out it's babyGodzilla! or Cell from DBZ, again - Akira)

The last boss has a little son hidden away somewhere…be on the lookout for Over Horizon 2 on the Dreamcast, sometime between Axelay 2 and Viewpoint 2.



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