Level four, the rock/sand level (this game follows Gradius a whole lot too….). That green machine is pulling the floating rocks towards it, with you caught up in the middle. Try to take it out quickly.

We've replaced the regular space debris with new Foldier's "laser in a rock". Let's see if anyone can notice the difference.

Some artist wanted to leave his/her mark on this forsaken planet, so they carved fire breathing lions then left. Hate when that happens.

I HATE a boss that has its own personal walls……this isn't too bad… out for forward shots, or…..

...reversed shots. You have a split second to react as you can see the laser charging up. Remember, the whole contraption is moving at the time also.

Looks like the upstairs apartment left the water running again…..

An aquatic miniboss, just wait till it gets behind you and blast the circle.

(My eyes hurt!! - Akira)

Here's another recycled boss, from other games like Atomic Robo Kid (shudder….) Guns keep popping out the top and bottom, while missiles blast out the center. Again, it gets mighty fast when crippled, so be ready.




When you see these missile launchers spring up, he's almost dead. Here's some advice from the experts: "Shoot a lot. If something is headed toward you, move. Try not to get killed."

So the battleship level is now last... interesting. You fly around the ship, and eventually through it, with mechs like this on your tail. Must be a war going on in the background.

Check out the next page for the final confrontation between good and evil. Or something.



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