Wink Baufield?! Ugh! You should loose thousands of points just for having that name….

Notice the show-off mode 7 effects here (though I recently found out the X68000 was the first to have mode 7 technology for you trivia buffs out there)

(And it doesn't need a damn chip to achieve those FX - Akira)

Little features such as a level intro pic like this add bonus points to a game's overall feel.

Here we go, off to level one…boy, I just noticed how poor the ship looks, esp. in the player stock section. This gets my vote for "most physically impossible functioning" ship.

Bullets are VERY small, and can be hard to see at times.

The first boss, after I've shot off an arm and a half. Wither him down to nothing, then catch the train to level twos-ville.

Try holding your breath for the entire level, it's fun!


Underwater level=underwater enemies.

Level two is very tricky. Watch out for maze walls that detach and fly towards you.

Second boss, looks made up of spare parts or something.

Up for the bio cave challenge Wink? Teehee…

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