These worm bunches really freak me out. What a disgustingly good job on this level.

Walls close in, trying to make an impact on your mission, delivering doughnuts to the Crab Nebula.

Yep, the famous "I'm in every shooter" snake makes his appearance.

Now a wall of fuzzy guns.

A generator that says "hit me". Thanks for the tip off.

It hatches this thing of bubbles, which follows you closely through the room.

4th mission: petition Konami until they bring out ALL their shmups in the US.


Phalanx is a 1up fest, like some other difficult shooters, which takes the edge off challenge level a bit.

This guy has his own gravity belt.

An annoying midboss, he shoots jellyfish up, through the background, then towards you.

The fourth boss has 3 forms….a battleship…

A brain-like core…

...then an eye-like core. (Then a corpse)

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