Destroyer? Woo-hoo! A battleship level! I love those.

Here's the spaceworthy vessel itself. Head for those openings like the one in front of me here.

The first of three bosses…..keep pelting the glass containers until they break.

The openings go in a certain order, so keep looking around.

Somebody get this guy a cheeseburger! (?!) It's late

A very GRADIESQUE* third boss.

(* Copyright and Trademark Roger Post, 1999, all rights reserved - Akira)

I've had enough advertising on the internet alone, now in shooters! Ok, let's waste some billboards!


After flying through cramped, sign filled corridors, take out this rock covered annoyance of a miniboss.

The fifth Ninja Turtle, not to be confused with the fifth Beatle, takes patience, as you can only hit him at a slim window of opportunity.

You know, this is really turning out to be a pretty long shooter….not that I'm complaining.

What vibrantly colored enemies, like you're taking on the M&M nebula.

(Yummy - Akira)

This guy is just scrap metal waiting to happen.

Here's the part in many shooters where towards the last level, enemies come out in quick and varied patterns. Easy to destroy, I guess the adversary is trying to make a statement of some kind.

Page 4, shall we?


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