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You start the game by attacking what appears to be the empty storage racks of the invading evil empire. The level has two sets of large, tube-like craft that move across the screen, dropping smaller ships as they move. The moon moves toward the left as you make your way through the level. The "claw" enemies constantly stretch their arms, trying to catch you. For the 5-in-1 red creatures (which approach you, stop and separate, and then attack en masse), ice storm works OK (though go with fire if you are able to aim).
Two giant globes in front of the boss's weak spot move out so you can shoot in and it can fire a 5-shot burst at you.

Don't be fooled: they don't really want to give you a hug.

No doubt a space forklift

Boss one: you can shoot when the orbs move out of your way (as shown).

The second level takes place over an ocean. Some of the enemies come up from behind you and try to give your ship a big hug, smashing it in the process. Get between them and their "hands" and blast the latter. A charged lightning weapon can take them out (but you'll need an additional shot if you aren't perfectly positioned). The level is also populated with some annoying flying aircraft carriers and flying missile platforms. You'll use the speed burst on the missile ships, which launch their artillery, which explodes after a bit and then chases after you.
Stay back, destroy the orbs the boss tries to set on top of you (they aim lasers at you if you aren't fast enough), and fire at the gold ball at the far right of the screen.

This one won't really give you a hug, either.

These flying aircraft carriers launch planes to attack you and otherwise just get in the way.

The missile ship launches missiles that explode and then seek after you.

Boss two offers sugar for your tea.

Some giant spider-like mech has been destroying a city, and it's your task to fly under its body from back to front (or perhaps around the side . . . it's hard to tell) and eventually take it out.
You'll need a gun that shoots behind you. Shoot the orb when the front end of the ship opens up. Eight energy balls will coverge right about where you need to be in order to get a decent shot. The balls will turn into a homing shot that you can avoid with speed bursts.

Welcome to level three. Don't get stomped on.

One of the harder spots to successfully navigate every time.

Blast the boss's weak spot . . .

. . . but don't sit there forever.

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