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This level is rough. It's as if you're flying through a giant spider web that you clear by flying through, meaning your guns don't penetrate anywhere you haven't been. The level is populated by some asteroid-like bouncing balls that rebound through the paths you've carved. Many of the asteroids are initially stuck in a pocket of webless space, but they occasionally slip through and start bouncing around where you can't even shoot them.
You'll probably want a vertical weapon for this boss (lightning or ice storm). The first stage of the boss isn't too hard, but you have to navigate a curved passage to blast the weak spot. This is made more difficult by the fact that you have to time your attempt between enemy ships that are making the same trip.

The worm makes another attempt to eat you.

These are the voyages . . .

Destroy the guns and make that big red orb your target.

Without a vertically-firing weapon, those ships will probably smash into you...probably making you repeat part of the level.

The hardest in the game, level five is a organic and filled with bots that are reminiscent of some R-Type creatures, except they spawn more of themselves if you don't kill them, at which point they turn into flying meatballs?! Some fancy, well-timed flying is required through at least one double-hairpinned passage and will fully test your skill with the speed burst.
At first, you'll think this boss isn't too bad. Simply shoot the orb at the bottom of the screen and dodge the solar eclipse-looking things with your burst of speed, and you'll take the boss out without much problem. And then you'll find out it's a two-part boss, the second half of which is one of the hardest you'll ever face. You fight in a small circular room, firing at weakspots on the right and dodging two balls that roll around the inside of the room's circumference, varying their path just enough to deny any hope of a permanant safe spot. In addition, energy bursts are fired at you . . . and become bigger if you happen to nail one with your own weapon(s).

Rayxanber looking reminiscent of R-Type . . .

Timing this section right isn't easy.

The first (easy) phase of boss five.

After an intense session with Magic Engine's save state feature, the second half of boss five goes down in flames.

The final level moves along rather slowly, though you have to keep ahead of the turrets (by destroying them, of course) or you'll get caught by the other enemies that come in from the sides. The color palettes for foreground and background are identical, so crashing into the walls is a possibility if you aren't careful.
The final confrontation takes place in a room that looks a bit like some network server rooms I've worked in. You get chased by large piece of coax, er, a large mechanical worm, which you obviously want to shoot. You then have to avoid a number of high-speed oversized marbles that get shot from the knobs in the room. Eventually (possibly after an intense session with Magic Engine's savestate feature), you'll send the worm packing and move on to less-frustrating, er, less-challenging games.

Clearing the neighborhood of riff-raff with your handy-dandy lightning gun.

Remember that other worm? This is its hungry cousin.

Imagine yourself the object of every mibster's wrath . . .

A bullet in your head!

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