Luckily, as you were taking off, someone was floating around outside with a Polaroid.

The bio rule doesn't work for Sal., because the whole game is bio. Ironically, the later levels are metal based. Go figure....

Give the teeth a good brushing while you are here.

The first boss, the famous Salamander brain. I wonder if shooting the left lobe makes the right arm disabled? Make sure to have lots of speedups.

Second level, asteroid field. Reminds me of that old game.....can't remember the name though: shooting rocks with a triangle shaped ship....

Boy, I hope the game wanders from the norm soon. So far, it's too much like the other Salamanders. This boss is also quick, and agile.

Boy, I spoke too soon. After the second level, players get to choose the order in which to tackle the next three stages. Some have more enemies, which make them harder, but you have to eventually do all three anyway....

Look, new planet, new enemies! I'd much rather be playing Saturn's Salamander 2, the only Gradius type game I haven't seen yet (not counting 4 in Japan arcades), but the MSX will have to do for now.

Weird electrical\wave type background. It's very hard to tell what you can or can't crash into, so use the bullets to feel out the barriers.

This prediction is found by flying into the debree left by one of those black hole type enemies. Very easy to find, since it's directly in your path.

Hey! over here!



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