This level closely resembles level two of Life Force/Salamander "official" versions. Only active volcanos can't be destroyed.

Remember to grab those E packs for new and improved weapons!

Ick! Tough blue walls, that refuse to budge! You need a Meteo laser to enter those areas. You can finish the level without it, but you miss the prediction.

Remember this part? Out come three bouncing orbs who want to play catch.

On to the REAL boss now. Your typical Gradius dude, just cut through the -- and hit the orbs.
A prediction... errr.. YEEHAW or something =P

I guess this babies give you a hint on how to defeat the boss?

(Copyright 1999 Akira's nonsense captions)

The planet Lavinia. A side scroller, and in my opinion the hardest of the three.

Hey, who turned out the lights? Walls still hurt even in the dark, and only by getting that spark icon will illumination occur. Make sure you have the Meteo laser or normal when up against the reflective blue walls, or else!

These blue lasers stink! You need to wiggle an option in there somehow, or use missiles up close.

The yellow enemies give you a one-shot power missile, which kills the incoming walls in one hit, or just shoot out the red vulnerable section.

If you found some way to pass the laser barriers (you need many options), you wind up in this room, where you must survive long enough to reach the REAL boss....these gun revolve around, and regenerate.....

The end of the review this way!



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