Great! I know this boss, I thought to myself. He fires little space invader guys which grow lasers up and down. You MUST shoot the center of his attacks or be destroyed (it gets a little easier after this....I know.....)

Level 3, 4, and 5 have secret spots which give predictions on how to beat the boss. I don't want the game to send me back and the end, and say "You need the predictions to continue....", so I grab them all the first try. Lavinia's is right under three laser barriers-after you beat the enemy, enter the hole it leaves.

(I knew I was right about the predictions! =P - Akira)

Aahhh....refreshing words to hear. It took much blood, sweat and tears to make it this far.....if you can read this screen, you must be good.

This level is easy, but the last boss makes up for it. This background reminds me of Axelay.

Machinery......the end draws near.....


Remember those bubble boss guys? They return, only to bounce around the level. The screen is moving horizontally here too....weird....

More laser barriers. Thankfully here, you don't need options. By the way, if you die, there are only enough powerups for speed, so don't die.

Moai heads. One day they will have robotic bodies, or some kind of undercarriage.

Here's that stupid giant end eye that plagues each Gradius game, most recently seen in Gaiden. He bounces slowly around the screen, so hug the corners and make a square pattern. The hard part is the little red guy that follows you, don't kill it because another will come out behind you.

Ok, rant time. It took several hours to get here, and now this idiot. The ship isn't hard.....the usual laser / eyeball thing. But in addition to the very little space to move around, several green ships materialize in and home in on you. Nearly impossible, so I gave in to the need to eat and sleep. Anyone out there actually beat this?

That's it pals! back to the review clicking here!



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