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Level 3 has a sort of watery theme. (Did you notice the loosely themed levels yet?)

Looks dead easy this, just a couple of Bubble-Birds coasting by....


Joined by a few of their mates, the birds present no real hazard though.

Passing the forest area, we come across two crabs, with amusingly doglike faces.

Burst their bubbles and dive into the water...

Now the screen goes all wobbly and squirmy, inducing worrying thoughts of imminent hurling if you'd had a few the night before.

This could be nicked straight from that fun playstation party game, Point Blank!

Ooh, he's a fatty, innee??

Shaking his maracas, he flings small morning-stars at you.

Suddenly he becomes all skinny and reminds me of a peperami somehow.

He's only vulnerable in this mode, so shoot him quick and get out of there!

It must be an awfully small world, look at the curvature of the horizon.

Either that or its a convex lake. Equally impossible.

Splash into Level 4!!



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