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C'mon, you must have expected it!

Yep, it's the slippy-slidey ice world!!!

These small eskimo blobs attack you by trying to look cute so you get distracted.

Reminds me of Pengo a lot, does this. Smash through the ice cubes, and nab all the goodies within!

That teddy is ace. He pops up out of the snow and hurls meat pies at you. (not really)

Here's mid boss: A walrus with a penchant for blasting lasers.

Not long to Christmas now, eh guys?

My snowmen usually look nothing like this, they're usually just dirty yellowish efforts with dog jobbies stuck on them for buttons. (we didn't have any coal)

This is getting me right in the mood for Chrimble, y'know...

Er, snowflakes. Melt em with yer laser.

Argh! Sledging blobs! Kill em quick before they, er, sledge all over me!

Finally, the boss, yup, a snowman.

He's lovely though, watch him knock the post and a bit of snow falls down, he catches it and pats it into a snowball before flinging it your way. Heh!

Tommy Cooper* eh? I never actually found him that funny, but I always laughed at him in case anyone thought I was weird.

Slipping into level 5....

(*a dead British comedian. With a hat like that bucket)



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