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This level is a mixture of Stonehenge, Egypt, crop circles and crypts. I think it's supposed to be mostly Egyptian though.

Those blobs with the writing on them take away your weapons, so try not to grab them. I SAID!! try NOT to grab them!!! oops...

Angled lasers are a bast to get past.

Midboss, and the snake charmer does his basket thingie. Each head has a happy face and a nasty surprise.

Are those Sphinxes wearing specs??

He has a bit of a bawling match when you kill his snakes. Don't you feel sorry for him?

Avoid the Salamander style arms and burn those Mummies!

Now negotiate the towers festooned with eyeball guns (as you do)

Wahey! End of level boss. Hiding inside a rock, the angled lasers make a comeback. Like almost everything else in the game, he grins inanely throughout.

Blast the rock apart, and he zooms bigger and attempts to fry you with his fiery thing. Don't let him.

I'll let this end-screen pass without comment.

LEVEL SIX is next...



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