Yep, you get two whopping ships to play with. A nimble, thin armored plane, or the Hindenburg. Pick the plane, or prepare to die.

As usual, you're sent in favor of the huge, armored battleship. Now THIS is what happens when you put all your tax money in health care.

Ahh, here we go, trying to reclaim the mining town with a silly name. Those little circles with the "EX" in them are power ups. Get three, and "POWER UP!"

Man, I'd hate being a soldier in a shmuppo world. Always being stuck in a rocket and being flung into the line of fire. They should at least give these guys ammo! No matter, kill them and move on, soldier!

As you can see, I've already blown this mini-boss into a crippled state. The bosses in this game are REALLY cool. Trust me.

Ackkk! It's a deadly John Deer Tractor from Hell(TM)! They sure don't make 'em like they used too...

Well, It looks like someone learned to make a train that can fight! That cannon will make your life hell if you don't do something about it, so hit it in the piston when it moves up to shoot you. After that, move on to...

...The front! Move in there and kill it! Just watch out for that arrowed turret, cause it fires 360 degrees around! Other than that, he's a wuss. Kill him and go to mission 2.

Mission 2 is inside a cave. There are evil badguys from the planet Zoltan hiding in the shadows, so watch your butt. You should try to get as many EX balls as possible, you'll need to be at Power Level 11 by the end of the mission.

Ackkkk! This section will drive you nuts. Watch out for those damn boulders, and keep shooting, or else you're in for an ambush.

Sorry for the low visiblilty, but if you look hard, you'll see the miniboss. Watch out for his laser in this part.

There, he's (I mean "It's") dead. Don't take your hands off the controller/keyboard yet, though. It's got one more trick up it's long, metallic sleeve/cannon.

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