It's causing the cavern to cave in! Sorry I couldn't get it's explosion in there, you'll just have to use your imaginination.

Ackkk! Well, I can't escape now. Obviously, the cave gets much twistier later on. Use the plane or you won't make it without losing at least most of your ship stock.

And here's the boss. His little command center will lift off and fire missles at you, so be ready with a level 13 blaster and a bomb.

He's still packin' a cannon, so don't get too cocky. Keep shooting and dodging (Isn't that the principal for all shmups?). Blast him to bits and get ready for mission 3.

Mission 3 is in the clouds. Suicide missles attack you here, along with other assorted enemies.

Errr, if there's one thing that I dislike about this game, it's the re-use of bosses.This one is the mini-boss from Level 1. A tad harder, but still a push-over.

Here's the fortress part of the game. If Hitler found out about the technology to make floating fortresses, we'd all have been embroiled in a gory war a long time ago.

This boss proves that large size sucks. Kill everything on top...

Then move down and blow out the bottom. This guy pops out of the space left, ala R-Type. Luckily, he shares the same weakness. Slip in and blow this metallic chub-toad outta the sky!!

Mission four is over the beach in front of the enemy capital The enemy fires Jawbreakers at you from here, so dodge 'em and avoid unsightly tooth decay.

Here's the guy who was firing those Jawbreakers! It's a good thing that he has the armor of a paper clip, or things could get messy...

The boss for mission four is a sub. That's his little periscope firing missles at me. However, this is no ordinary sub...

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