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Ho hum, another crystal level.....I would like to see a crystalline cave with actual reflections of what's going on.

Maybe now with 64+bit systems, it can be a reality. We just need the creativity and inclination to actually do it.

Reflective lasers, and lots of em. Notice the game is nice, though, and gives you some powerups throughout this part.

Level five's boss is lame, just watch the hands when they form from the sides.

Second form is a dragon. First take out the all the orbs on the body, then the tail leaves little droppings which you must watch out for. Next target the head.

I HATE level six. Tons and tons and tons of enemies. Try to stay as powered up as you can.

The midboss is easy though, target the center.

Hate this boss too....the missiles he fires take more hits than regular missiles, so don't underestimate them. Green laser works great, anything're toast.

Level seven turns out to be the battleship level. Half outside, half inside.

The main bridge of the ship. Man the life rafts, you're about to be blown to pieces.

Here is the inside of the ship. By the way, the game froze on me here a few times.

Be care of this, and if it happens, try to keep your cool.....I lost too many joysticks by getting too angry, it is only a game.

(Happened to me once too Roger, try pressing [tab] a few times and wait! - malc)




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