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These spiders are easy too.....stay away from the front of them, shoot when they stop shooting, and dodge when bullets are headed your way (basic stuff here, people).

After beating them, you have to exit the exploding ship. The walls close in on you too, I hate these sequences in games. You just have to learn the patterns, which takes a few deaths.

Final level......this part has tubes that spit all kinds of enemies at you. It takes a long time to complete yourself a favor and don't die after this.

Yup, you're got to refight some of the bosses again too. And yes, they are the hard ones.

Now THIS is an end guy. Five different forms, spaceship and not something that doesn't belong, fits a majority of the screen, and doesn't really like you.

It starts out simple, lasers and spread shot with an occasional ram. (as in sheep??)

Second form gets it bigger and angrier.

Now the kid gloves are off. Twist through the center shots, and if I remember correct there are about three different attacks.

Fourth form adds an electrical volt from the top of the ship. Keep moving before it shoots!

Finally, the brains of the operation! Compared to what you just went through, this form isn't so bad.

Once again, the ending isn't so hot, but getting there was all the fun. It seem like the pilot was also a female, too (or somebody who was in an 80's rock band).




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