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Ah, the twinle star. If I had obtained the TS and got one wish, you guessed it, AXELAY 2! Or maybe a 3rd Pulstar game... or maybe another 2d R-Type...or maybe a Xexex board...

The SNK game explanation screen. Here, it’s essential. And yes, you can apply that Bomb tactic to any game..the little graduation hat is a nice touch.

I hope another company will pick up on the idea of a shooter/vs. game and make another like this! How about a Street Fighter style game, where you can pick any ship from any shooter, and go head to head? How cool would that be...

Here’s the character select, with speed, power, and attack styles. To access the four hidden players, put the cursor over Loadran or Griffon, and push either up or down four times, then the start button. The four hidden players are pretty powerful.

Here’s an in-game screen, the computer on the right is using a bomb.

(Insanely-nice blast - Akira)

The beloved BOSS ATTACK! The right side also just touched an enemy, and the button caption is telling him to wiggle the controller to get free.

A cheesy picture of someone as a bomb attack...

Major bombage action again, as the computer uses a black hole type bomb.

The final character’s boss attack is a giant cake (!?), and when I’m playing someone else and throw this attack, I start singing Happy Birthday to them...

I’ll let most of the captions speak for themselves.

(Hangry: SNKglish for being hungry and angry at the same time. These guys are masters of linguistic expression man - Akira)

A “shingle” continue is found by tearing down a piece of your house, and inserting it into the Neogeo console. Note: we at Shmups do not assume any responsibility of damage done to you system by trying this.

(And let's not talk about damage being done to your house... - Akira)



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