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Here are a few shots of some characters endings...SPOILER WARNING!

(Pimp version: 'Yo yo yo, ah'm gone get all da hoes now bro. You dig?' No diggity - Akira)

The best character in sillyness is the Nanja Monja, a cheerleader’s pom pom gone mad. All these things can say is “nanja manja” (it’s even voiced over). So when you get to the end, the Twinkle Star can’t understand...

The result of misunderstandings is hair care products. Wacky!

('Ah have no idea[...]Ah'll give you[..]'... I think this Star git comes from.. Wisconsin? - Akira)

Memory happens to be obsessed with food... (and is one heck of a last boss too, you’re in for a fight)

(Pocket Pizza... that sounds useful - Akira)

Dark Ran (your evil twin sister) wants to be the star of the game...



The final end shot, or classic “class photo”.

At the end of the game, a ranking screen. This is the highest I’ve gotten so far, though one time I had over a million points, but didn’t finish the game, so it doesn’t count :(



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