The intro. So special! Uhh, right. New York and "the city" are silent! Ahhh! Must save them. Notice the bad translation, "A city occupied by an unidentified forces."

This one is funny! First of all, "Hard Desiner"??? First off, they spelled designer wrong, yet they spell it right on the other designers. Second, Hard? I guess they needed some horny guy to make this game just right... They also spell creator wrong...

The hangar. Select your fighter! You'll notice I use the bomber-type plane the most. More bang for the buck.

Take off! Self-explanitory...

(Look who's talking about spelling mistakes =) - Akira)

All right! The action begins! The city level is first... This is a very predictable game. I'm guessing a desert, then a jungle for the next levels.

Big enough to be a boss, but alas, this dude was cast out to be a miniboss. He's pretty tough, too.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the cannon of a giant tank!

Is it just me, or is the boss a lot smaller than the miniboss? This guy's easy as crumb cake.

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