I was right, the desert!

(We're not qwerty, oh fortune-teller - Akira)

Oh, civilization! A small commercial airport in the middle of a warzone (!?). Hey, why are we fighting in Africa if were trying to save "the city" and New York??

Another huge miniboss. This guy can't seem to kerp his food in...

The boss. A rolling aircraft carrier in the desert... can you say UN Squadron?

The coolest bit of this game is your roll technique, where you roll to avoid enemy fire. Still, I'd give that up for a good Super-Nuke anyday.

The core. Spinning to avoid bullets. Oh so funz.

We move into the foresty greens of New York city (!?)

These trains are SO annoying! With basically no firepower, which you usually have, these things are hard as hell.

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