Halfway through round one, and my nosecone is fully open here. The missile weapon spreads out here, and if closed releases a high powered explosive.

The two things following me are options, and the enemies here resemble Moai heads....(I can dream, can't I?)

Here's the level one boss, you can pick it apart piece by piece.....I think it's quicker to go straight for the kill.

Be it an annoyance in driving, a tool in geometry, or a shiny new game, circles are much a part of life, and anything within this one gets blasted.

When looking at a piece of wood, magnified 1000x, you can see many space conflict scenes being played out. Second boss is a wimp, just be sure to have something powerful enough to take out the miniatures being thrown at you.

This enemy of level three is armored in front, so I use the radius shot to hit from the side.

Level three boss, two dragon heads (one's dead) that spit out heat seeking flames. This one's difficult, keep circling.

And after that, a giant snake......give us a break, people! Level three is difficult.

Level four: rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

Here they all circle around you and cave in....very annoying.

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