This level is color moves easier than another, but I forget which is which....

The boss of level four. Pretty wimpy from what I remember. Just stay in the corner safe spot. By the way, Konami called, they want their boss back.......

Level five really, really, bites off R-Type. A three layered screen, with box-like enemies coming out in specific patterns which you must adapt to. Also watch out for offscreen missiles fired by the aforementioned boxlike enemies-very frustrating!

It's not pretty to look at, but it can sure dance. If you made it this far, you earned it. And your reward is a not-so-difficult boss here.

Eventually it will break into pieces, and when you shoot it, bullets fly back at you, like little popcorn kernels. Shoot slowly to avoid a barrage of buttered mayhem.

Yep, final level.....ORGANIC!

Now here's a big plus! Right at the mid-way spot are powerups, so after you die and start over, you have a decent chance at the aliens! Why can't more games (*cough R-Type cough*) be like this?

I'm thankful the trend of fighting old bosses again died out in the early 90's. Imagine Thunderforce doubling up on bosses? Or Radiant Silvergun? Better yet, why not just fight the same boss every level? And go through the same level every time.....That'd drive gamers mad...'Am I on level 3 or 9? I forgot......'

This guy didn't get a date for the prom, I can be sure of that. Just stay in front of the blue circles, which break up into little spread aliens when hit. If you are close enough, you will destroy the little annoying spawns and you stray buttelts will take care of the main boss.

NNNNNNNOOOOOO!!!! The dreaded "double whammy". First the congratulations, then that "try again on next hardest mode". If I would have known I was getting jipped on an ending, I would have cranked it up to "insanely maniacal don't even bother" mode the first time......well if you did it once, you can do it again.........

Try the review again in normal level! =)



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