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(Please keep in mind that any and all spelling mistakes and sheer nonsense in this intro are not of my making, just play the game ;)

Members of scarlet consist of artificial creatures created by A-Human using super genetic engineering. They are the secret society intended to destroy the entire human race.

In addition to the high intelligence and strong fighting power, they have special abilities capable of parasitic existence with human beings, animals and machinery.

By using these abilities, they conquered A-Human and were about to obtain supremacy over A-Earth.

A-Human planned to assassinate Epsilon-Eagle, the boss of the scarlet group with a special combat group capable of using super power despatched secretly.

The sudden attack by the group using its super power seriously damaged Epsilon and successfully threw him into the time space continuum which had been liberated by using super power.

Later, as Xi-Tiger gained power from scarlet by taking advantage of the confusion, terrorism toward A-Human became much more violent.

On the other hand, the hatred toward Xi-Tiger within the scarlet group because of their cruel acts became bitter and voices for restoration of Epsilon became stronger.

Xi-Tiger who was isolated from other group members decided to assassinate Epsilon. In order to liberate the space continuum, they attacked the A-Humans's research laboratory where boys and girls with super power were kidnapped.

At that time, Xi-Tiger sensed the existence of Epsilon in one of the boys. However, he could not read the evil will from Epsilon who was a parasite of the boy's body. Xi-Tiger was much confused and took a girl as hostage and demanded Epsilon to release the boy.

The boy who was beside himself with rage, converted his body into Epsilon.

A bird-man with steel wings took over the boy's will.

Xi-Tiger sensed unknown power in Epsilon and escaped after killing the girl.

---Epsilon speaks--- I'll never let you go, Xi-Tiger!!

There is another bird-man who has Epsilon's body. However, his will is full of evil ambition and nobody knows his real intension.

He also flew away, chasing after Xi-Tiger.


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