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In this part of the game, you will be besieged by armies of small, weak enemies. The real challenge comes in the form of bosses, who will seem invincible until you master the control system and the special moves. ....... Boss 1:

A rather bouncy worm/snake hybrid, it throws bouncing fireballs and is neither too hard or too intimidating. A good enemy to break in a newbie. It took me 4 attempts to beat it first time! (Took me MUCH more than that! - Malc :)

....... Boss 2:

Name: Antroid

A rather spiky insect type enemy, rather dangerous because he is unpredictable, and it is hard to guess where he's going to dive next.

....... MiniBoss

A floating eyeball surrounded by shield type things. Kill it, as it is only slowing you down. Remember, this whole game is played against the clock!!

....... Boss 3

Name: ShellShogun

A very fat turtle/Beetle/Samurai hybrid! He may be slow, but his reach is good and he deals a lot of damage out if he hits! Aim for the head to hurt him.

....... Boss 4

Name: Sniper Honeyviper (?!?!?!?)

A very weird (And quite frankly disgusting) mutant thingy! With only feeble attacks, (Hitting the ground and shooting little bugs at you) he isn't much of a challenge. The quickest way to see him off is to teleport behind him and shoot him from behind (His weak point).

Ok, quite a few more bosses in world 2!


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