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....... World 2 Start

This world contains a grand total of ZERO platforms in the platform sections! The idea is just to run through and take out as many enemies as possible, not missing the concealed full health hidden behind a ceiling sign on one stage.

....... Boss 5:

Name: Madam BarBar

A complete bast! This crabby monstrosity took me an age to kill (And that was cheating with genecyst savegames, too!!).. It fires fireballs at the floor, and spawns baby crabs to grab your legs and slow you down. Its weak spot is between it's claws (Which deflect all weapons except homing and flamer). Unfortunately, if you move between its claws to get an aim at it, it crushes you, doing 250 damage, and that's a helluva lot!

....... Boss 6:

Name: Joker

A wonderful contrast to the previous boss, this one is both weird and relatively easy. It bounces up and down, laying mini-turrets, and now and then bounces and squashes itself on the ceiling (Funny). If you can avoid the turret fire, you'll kill this guy with ease!

....... Boss 7:

An ultra easy boss here to finish off this section of the game. A rather intimidating looking robot thing stomps back and forth spraying machinegun fire and launching mini missiles. If you jump behind the chair behind you at the start of the fight, you can just snipe at him from there, almost totally protected!

World Three next!



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