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....... World 3 Start

A very short two stage world, with an amazing monster boss to finish off!

....... Boss 8:

Name: Flying-Neo

A rather ugly organic-mutant-helicopter-dragonthingy, it has no ranged attacks, but does a fair load of damage if you bump into it or it hits you. After it takes some damage, it fades into invisibility, and its still able to attack you! The only way to see it here is by spotting it's shadow when lightning strikes (VERY nice touch there, Treasure!).

....... Cruiser:

As soon as you begin this stage, you have to fend off a few weedy flying enemies, then THIS appears the huge organic cruiser then opens fire...

....... Miniboss:

...and launches this weird purple worm thing to keep you busy. Just try not to let it slow you down, just dodge it till it goes away..

....... Boss Cutscene


Prepare for your first BIG fight! At first, this weedy little guy jumps on screen and laughs, then you get this cool animation and he morphs into...

....... Boss 9:

...this ugly mother!! If he looks like he's covering his face here, that's cos he is. He's too scary :) Don't worry, he uncovers it in a second and then proceeds to completely annihilate you! He's a long range combatant, who likes to stab you with his very long claws. Only a lot of perseverance and luck will see you through THIS duel alive.....

If you do, then it's World 4 next!



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