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....... World 4 Start

A fairly long world, not too tough, but heavy on the platforming type sections.

....... Boss 10:

A very big blue/red fish, its attacks involve spraying laser into the air, and biting you and pulling you down into the water. Not too tough, but takes a long time to kill.

....... Boss 11:

A weird tentacle pod thing with a weird little guy piloting it. An easy boss with some silly attacks such as sucking up the local sealife and throwing it in your direction.

....... Teddybear (MENTAL!):

You meet this little critter on stage 12, rescue him from the nasty monsters and he pilots the speedboat for you down the river while you pick off attacking lobsters...

....... Boss 12:

THIS guy obviously didn't like you blowing up his little brothers! A tough, HUGE lobster boss, he takes a long time to kill, and does massive damage if he hits with his arm blades. DO NOT use the teleport move, or you'll end up in the drink!

....... Miniboss

A pink worm thing here tries to wear you down on the way to this stages boss. Try not to get hit.

....... Boss 13:

Name: Bugmax

This boss starts in a chrysalis, which you have to break open. It takes a lot of damage, and the time limit is EXTREMELY tight! Once you have freed the boss (A cool butterfly thing) it will try to kill you. Just beat it up and watch one of its beautifully animated wings float off the screen :)

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