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....... World 5 Start

This world is PITCH BLACK! The only way to see where you are going is to fire your guns, a neat touch here is that depending on the gun you use, the color of the illumination differs.

....... Boss 14:

A giant floaty eyeball, with a huge range of moves, if you want to see it, you'll have to keep firing, I recommend you use Buster force for this one!

....... Boss 15:

Name: Sunset Sting

Flower power just got nasty! This boss looks deceptively hard, but is, in fact, a pansy :) Just shoot it in the head with Buster force and it'll die soon enough.

....... Miniboss:

A VERY tough enemy, you ride on the underside of this giant moth thing, shooting its head. It will shoot you with machineguns, launch worm things and summon flying bugs to attack you.. And this is just your ride to the main boss!! Erk!

....... Boss 16:
Name: Back Stringer

Once you have killed the giant moth, you will jump onto its head, only to see it get caught in a giant spiders web... And what lives in a giant spiders web? A giant spider of course! The mother spider will begin by chewing off the face of the moth thing (Yeurch!) and then backing off to get a better shot at you. While all this is happening, baby spiders will try and drag the moth offscreen, bringing you closer and closer to spidery doom!

....... Boss 17:
Name: Epsilon 1


This big bird will begin by launching lasers at you, then following up with a close range cannon attack and a wing laser salvo. Just aim between its legs and at its head with your most powerful weapon, and you should win before long.

Get yer woolly undies on for World 6!



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