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....... World 6 Start

After a cool animation showing the earth blowing up (I don't know why, so don't ask) you are whisked off to this place. The first thing to do here is kill the two headed worms, they have tons of health powerups!

....... Boss 18:

Name: Destroyer MK2

A big reactor core type thing, it teleports around, and fires bricks at you. If you want to end this fight quickly, hit it with a phoenix teleport. That TOTALLY removes all of its shields.

....... Boss 19:

Easily THE weirdest boss in this whole game! It is a clone of a boss used in the other Treasure game, Gunstar Heroes. This funny critter attacks by trying to trip you up with its extending nose, and by blowing you up with nosebombs. Just kill him and the meatball holding him together blows up, THIS (Scrnshot dead boss 19) then follows you off screen, and to the next boss.

....... Boss 20:

You're in for a helluva fight now! This multi stage morphing megaboss will take you ages to kill, and a helluva lot of effort!

....... Name: Valkirie Force

This boss' first form is a giant kickboxing, boomerang throwing robot, not too tough, just jump around a lot and keep well back, this boss likes high kicks!

....... Name: Medusa Force

This is it's second form. A big sharp spinny wheel-o-death. Just avoid it and the mines it plants for you and shoot it, as it has no projectiles attacks.

....... Name: Sylpheed Force

A giant big green thing that you have to fight FREEFALL! just use buster force, as that doesn't seem, to trigger it's defence move!

....... Name: Artemis Force

A big robot cat, that either pounces on you or lobs big red fireballs. Just kill it as fast as possible, remember, the clock is ticking. A good strategy (If a rather risky one) is to change its fireballs into health to do a phoenix teleport down it's back, does TONS of damage!

(Weird! My cat is called Artemis!! - Malc)

....... Name: Syrene Force

A fishy nightmare! This boss took me an hour at least to kill! Just trust me on this one, only use Buster force and Lancer Force against this one, and fire as you pass over it's top and bottom sides.

....... That colossal fight over, you are treated to a little cutscene of the arctic base exploding and you flying out onto a beautiful sunset...

Now it's zooming up into the Starbase - World 7


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