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....... World 7 Start

Okay, this is it, five stages of the toughest, evilest bosses you'll ever meet. Ironic, isn't it, that they're all complete wusses compared to stage 20's boss :) Watch out for the cool death-star trench run bit before the end :)

....... Boss 21:

Name: Destroyer Prototype

Not as tough as its arctic twin back on world 6, just keep an eye on the clock, dodge as many lasers as you can, and DONT STOP SHOOTING!

....... Boss 22:

An annoying space snake, remember the clock, as this guy has more health than offensive power. Just use the biggest guns you have.

....... Boss 23:

Wolfgunblood Garopa (Y'wha?!?!?)

A cybernetic wolf riding a giant metal horse down the death star trench..... Er, right....... If you use lancer force, aim for the horse, or if you use Buster force, aim for the wolf guy himself, oh, and watch out for when he taps his horses butt, it charges you and then leads you into some traps.

....... Boss 24:

A giant mobile missile rack. You have the time, just keep dodging and shooting. Not too much trouble.

Ooh, now the BIG BOSS is next: Z-LEO!


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