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<< One of my favorite parts of this game is the destruction of private property like...

>> ... THIS! HAHAHA! If they didn't want their cars to get blown up, they should have parked somewhere else. Like Cleveland.

<< This is the first level boss. Like most first level bosses, he ain't as tough as he looks.

>> The beginning of level 2. There's ome really good parallax in the background here. It looks real cool when it's moving.

<< Do all shooters have these things? You know, the huge planes that pop up and throw grievous amounts of lead at you?

[ YES if it's Raizing Shmups - Felix the Cat ]

>> When a game throws this many missiles at you, you know it doesn't want you around. Luckily, they can be shot as can all the pink bullets in the game. I only wish I could shoot the pink bullets in DonPachi.

<< The second level boss. He isn't too tough at this point.

>> He is at this part. He tosses out those green rings then spews forth a stream of bullets. Tougher than a second level boss should be.

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