You need to destroy all of these generators in the first segment; presented in Animated Gif-O-Vision. ;)

Your next mission takes you to the scenic Axis Meteor Fortress for an appointment with invasion. Gundam fans hopefully haven't missed the plot steal.

These little drones swirl around the borders of the room, firing homing lasers at you. At times they fire a big beam--destroy one, and the other opens the door for you.

Bigger Is Better, isn't it? Nah..

In another neat effect, the catwalks break away when you pass them.

Traditionally, the head bad guy kills his henchmen when he makes a break for it. The General is no exception.

These automated guns fire curvy lasers at you. Plus they disappear regularly, making them twice as annoying.

Laugh out loud as you send those scientist gits running like little girls. Unfortunately, you can't step on people in this game.

Entering Arc Nova, we encounter the bargain-basement defense robots.

The entrance to the interior. I hope you caught all the generators.

After destroying the General, you'll have to take out all the rocket engines within 2 minutes, counting the time you spent beating General.

After the PA announcement, the Axis decides to get out while the getting's good. You can't destroy the pods, but there are secrets below.

Another Animate-O-Magic gif, here you'll have to dodge exploding flapjack piles while falling down a shaft.

Arriving at Arc Nova, the Axis Assault Suits are there to great you.

Arrgh! These mines will pester you throughout the base, and they can go through walls! Retreat is not just an option, it's a livesaving tactic..

While these plasma turrets are threatening, it'd probably be more effective if they could point backwards more than 45 degrees. ;)

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