Oops..looks like you have to play Apollo 13 in this mission. Great place to get powerups from the various units that rush in.

The guy in the red suit is your arch-nemesis, who starts poking in and out in the next few levels. He can't be killed in this one(although you can drive him away).

After you pass through the upper parts of the atmosphere, one enemy can't pull out and you bravely decide to help him. Your mates, on the other hand, use their brains and act as an impromptu heat-shield.

If you flubbed the last mission you'll get a nice mushroom cloud here. But you didn't, so it's a beautiful day in the neighborhoood...until a predictable plot point occurs.

Your arch-nemesis won't take no for an answer, especially not when you've got one of his men... you'll have to fight him. Not much to it; just use the shield against his grenades, and return fire when he flies.

On to the next level, with appropriate angst!



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