Another rocket-pack flight. The plasma bolts in the background are harmless; the aircraft with missiles are not.

Landing, you'll be attacked by bombers, tanks, scout units, and angry demonstrators. Yes, I'm kidding about the last one.

Could it be...could it be...

Yes! The line-o-death laser! Does multiple hits, so the bigger the target, the faster it's hurt...

...especially when you power it up a notch! Yowza! And we're not even at full power yet.

These large buggers attack with exploding laser bolts. They also have a nasty tendency to try to get behind your shield.

These green warning strips indicate that a pit is nearby. Yep, the Marines can build a robot that can survive free-falls through the atmosphere, but a lousy big hole kills them quick. Do I hear the words "lowest bidder"?

Get through the space port, and the riot police's "argument settler" is waiting for you. Quite why it isn't guarding the entrance instead of a bridge is puzzling to me.

Nuts! You missed your flight. Fortunately, the carrier sends you your rocket pack to recall the shuttle forcefully.

You'll have to destroy the boosters and shuttle before it rises out of range(much like Einhander). However, there's gun turrets and enemy aircraft to stop you.

To clear this quick, have your laser powered up to level 2. Without it, it makes it really hard to destroy the shuttle in time.

Toasted! It's off to the next level!



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