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<< FINAL STAGE: Yaksa Stronghold

You sure as hell can bet that those psychic fiends are going to pull out all the stops on you. Like giant tanks...

>> ...and more giant tanks...

<< Hey, whaddaya know... More giant tanks!

>> The "mini-boss" of Stage 5, the psychic force-field guarding the interior of the Psycho base. Just shoot the hell out of it until it cracks, and then go inside to....

<< A load of psychic girls with death-dealing powers.... makes sense, if you think about it.

>> More tanks then ever before! You're gonna be using your super weapon a lot, if you want to survive.

<< The entire stock of enemy tanks. (short captions now...)

>> Heading out into the cold air, just as it's beginning to snow.......

<< One hell of a final boss. There were some problems with the emulation (I think), so you can't see the giant mecha head that this girl is sitting on, but you CAN see the incredible amount of bullets spraying at you. I don't think it's humanly possible to make it through here without getting hit, but I suck, so who knows. After you destroy this part, you've got one battle to go through....

>> ...but it's less a battle, and more of a living hell. It starts out really hard, and gets infuriatingly difficult. When she has only 2 bars left, she'll enter hyper-kamikaze mode, and start smothering you with HUGE blasts of fire (Which are fast, too!), along with plenty of other large bullets.

<< Finally, it becomes a psychic nightmare. These shots don't really convey how hard this fight is. These waves of hands are both really, really fast, and plentiful, and the girl will often go off-screen and shoot you from there. She's a damn cheater.

>>Finally, after an incredible amount of abuse, the psychic bitch bursts into blood. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...... Finally.

If you dont want to check out the ending, look away NOW!


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