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<< Stage 4: The Most Dangerous Subways in the World

This subway is incredibly large. I swear, a 4-story house could fit inside this place!

>> Death is what happens when you try to take pics in the middle of a firefight. Unless of course your name is Roger Post.... (no offense Rog)

<< Ooooh, a military train in the subways. I wonder where all the normal trains are...

>> Blazing Lazers! (TM)

[ Looks nothing like my website of the same name =) - Felix the Cat ]

<< Holy crap! This guy is a sort of Robo-Ninja, since he throws razor blades at you. Of course, he also throws red, blue, green, yellow, small, big, medium, round, rectangular, octangular, hand shaped, red hand-shaped, green hand-shaped, and kitchen-sink lasers at you.
After dropping below 50% health, his arms drop off, and 2 HUGE laser cannons sprout up where they were, thusly doubling his strength, and amount of lasers... which is kind of incredible, actually.

>> Yee ha, the last stage! And, some more badly translated hub-bub about ESP being bad.

Final level here we come!!!


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