Ok, it appears that for the MSXers, a stronger plot was needed in the Nemesis series, so more characters were developed and a storyline detailed enough to start up a Saturday morning cartoon is presented.

The first level is already a little hectic, with the Moai heads' cousin, the Pillarface, spitting star shaped bullets at you.

Since the MSX was so "unadvanced", the programmers could only use blue and green. Other colors are just shades of blue and green....such as bluish-green, or greenish-blue.

(MSX1 was indeed unadvanced, but the MSX2+ was very ahead of its time, very good for an 8-bit machine. - Akira)

Oh, the quintessential Gradius boss....get used to the pattern, up, down, shoot, it appears a lot.

Now this is neat: fly into the frozen carcass of the boss, through a short level to get...
A brand new weapon! At first this was a very novel feature, then I realized that new weapons increases the spaces in the weapon bar. Thus, it is much harder to power up. I feel it is better to skip all the boss treats, and use conventional firepower.

Little Shop of Horrors revisited, another favorite Gradius theme.

Wish I'd brought along the weed killer, as the center section grows wildly out of control. Stay to the right to avoid it.

Gee, from the boss's's point of view, I don't think a spaceship that looks like a paper airplane is too threatening......

Looks like the ruins of Rome, with lots of columns, which make the top beams fall on you like a sandwich. And we're not talking a nice peanut butter and jelly, more like liverwurst and pastrami.

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Level 4 and the rest, over here!

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