The "final" level, seven in the regular and eight in the beta. Almost all Gradius games have the same final level design, with tons of guns, those walker guys that come out from behind, and moving walls.

This one even hides the level behind red gunk. That power-up makes your options circle around, extremely useful here......

This pains me to even describe........all seven walls moving up and down, the boss shooting at you, and walking guns from behind. Only true shmuppers need apply.

Is this the final boss? Very fast, and a lengthy beam protruding from the front.

Your beeper goes off, calling you back home to Nemesis. What does this mean for you, the player? Go through all the levels again, in reverse order......GGGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!

After reversing through the game's levels that you just scraped through before, only this time harder, you reach level 0, planet Nemesis.

Level 0 has walls that close in, along with many many gun turrets. This is the only level in the game where I recommend double, which takes care of the top level guns (not presidents.....)

Wait until the last minute to pick a path. This level also has annoying ships that materialize in around your ship and then close in on you.

This level is not too bad for being an end level......

Could this be the final boss? He shot out lightning bolts and wasted me in seconds. After that, the game froze! Several hours to get here, and now another FREEZE! I have really learned patience through playing msx games.......

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