Ok, now it gets a little complicated. There is a beta version floating around, with two different levels. If you are playing the normal version, here is level four. Volcanos and annoying proximity lasers make it a hassle.
19: If you are skilled enough to pass that, about 10 of these things assault you. Dodge or destroy, depending on your firepower.

Here's the "real" boss, looks like he (or she, why do we male chauvinists always call bosses he?) should be rotated 90 degrees and stand on those two huge boots. Electricity shoots from the front pieces, then he/she/it tries to ram your ship.

If you're playing the beta version (I used to have a BETA VCR, don't laugh) you travel from Rome to Egypt in a matter of seconds. Both versions have the same level five......

Which is the pesky fire level. No sunflares here though, shoot those mounds like the one at the top as quickly as possible.

This is what happens if you play with matches, kids. The pillars of fire can only be broken at one area, so find it quick.

If you are playing the beta version, there is an extra level (six), the crystal cave.

Complete with dinosaurs, that even turn their bullet spitting heads and follow you as you fly by. Those crystals in the back must be painful, though. Jurassic Park was nothing like this....

The boss forms from this mess, so don't be anywhere that isn't surrounded by a lot of space.

Now he spits out crystals like crazy and follows you around. Shoot as quickly as possible, or just play the regular version and avoid this all together!

Ok, this is level six on normal, and seven on beta. Walls that form in front of you, and VERY annoying cells that pop out from behind make it a joystick smasher.

Here's a trick at the boss: approaching him, you have to shoot away the wall, but leave the center section intact. Your targets are the top and bottom orbs, and this way the bullets will be blocked. This is the first time in a shooter where I had to think........

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