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Wow, there’s battleships from the get-go in Nexer! They aren’t so tough, mostly one shot wonders. What I wouldn’t give for a bomb option!

Here’s the first boss, being crunched by my Raystorm like lasers. Or were they his? I forget...

Level two opens up with this cue ball looking thing trying to give a deadly group hug. He’ll show up again at the end of the level, I’ll bet.

How’d I know that was coming? (because you wrote this after playing the game? =] -Akira) Now he uses the arms to hack rock debris at you, and throw a volley of missiles at the worst times...

What a reach! He should either box, play basketball, or be the next Bionic Commando.

I hate this guy... the game is pretty smooth up till here... Those yellow rings sway just before exiting the screen, and do some major damage to you. Here I’m using the options weapon to make quick work of him.

Great, now the second form has lasers... and you can only hit now, while he’s firing! Watch those eight men drop to one or two pretty quickly...

Beat him, and it’s on to the speed up section. Hit the green trigger to get by. This level has some off the wall design!

While still scrolling, half of the boss drops bombs your way. While dodging left and right, be sure to shoot as many bombs as possible so they don’t blow up so big.

The bomb ship docks with the rest of the boss, which wouldn’t be so hard if it wasn’t for these boomerangs. There’s a trick to beating him, I forget what it was though... get real close up, I think.

Fourth level really gets shooterish. Lasers on the rock face, quick darting snakes that HOUND you, this is pure shmup.

This does seem to make sense. Why would a hunk of rock floating in space need a jet engine? Commercial asteroid liners? Remote control rocks?

(Find out in page 2 - Akira)


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