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This is simple... don’t go where the laser is aimed. Textbook material, people.

Level five, the battleship level. Though you never get to see the thing in full view, just the sides of it. Lazy programming!

Some tougher normal enemies, they’ve got shields a la Soldier Blade’s last boss.

A rather boring miniboss.

The real McCoy last boss. Can’t say for sure what he does, again, I’ve got to write the reviews shortly after playing the game!

Level six, another bear of a level. Electro thingies, and also enemies that take a lot of hits to kill. I recommend the options, like I have here. They home right in on things and kill them quick. .

A maze like section, with enemies placed behind you. Not fair!!!!!

Is bubble brain the last boss?

Wow! Shocking! That caught me off guard the first few times.

(*kzzzzzzzt*! - Akira)

Nope, there’s someone else stepping to you for a challenge. Watch out when he angles toward you, a hefty laser is coming up soon.

Vaporization... a horrible way to go.

The ending is like a “who’s who of bosses I shut down”. The game recaps the highlights in two colors. Creative, but pointless, because I remember fighting them the first time!

Ahh... there’s a nice shot of your ship. Not a bad ship design either, IMHO.

And there’s the nicely designed ship after being trashed due to the players lack of skills.

Here’s a shot from time attack mode. I hate them, because just as I’m getting into it, the time runs out. Beat a boss, and after another 10 seconds it’s over... anyway, I don’t remember seeing this one in the real game... new bosses are nice.


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