POP 'N' TWIN BEE (levels 3 & 4)
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Level 3 - In The Clouds

Remember in the levels to try for the pink bell, which replenishes or gives a new shield. The things on the background wall look like Pacman....a tribute maybe?

(No, they're Zippy's from Rainbow - joke for UK peeps only - Malc)

The emulation messes up a bit here, but this spider boss of level three is pretty cool.

The legs shoot missiles, the head and shoulder gun lasers, and the mouth a spread shot.

Coming soon from Konami: Mom n Twinbee, and also Great-Aunt-Mildred n Twinbee.

Level 4 - Airship

Here it is, the airship/battleship/flying fortress level. While under the clouds, the propellers don't hurt, but after it comes up don't touch!

Here is the special attack, which I use to take out the little gun turrets that pop up.

The ship releases a larger, meaner, updated version of you, which will haunt this game for levels to come.

More sections of the ship to destroy.

Those turrets are a pain in the bahookie, the way they follow your ship and spit bombs out. Kill.

I love bosses that you can pick apart like level four. Should you go straight for the kill and hit the center? Or slowly remove flamethrower arms?

The mad scientist wonders why a strange albino caterpillar shaped cloud is following him....


Find out why in levels 5 and 6!!


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