POP 'N' TWIN BEE (levels 5 & 6)
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Level 5 - The Waterfall

Aardvark crossing! This part of level five looks a lot like Viewpoint.

Take out the front of this boss first (dinner and a movie is the usual), then destroy the guns for the finishing touches.

Our hero is sitting in what appears to be the dentist's chair, with arms long enough to change light bulbs without a ladder.

Level 6 - Dr Mardock's Factory

Every time you fight your evil twin, he gets a little bit more difficult. This must be the scientist's lair, as he is plastered on the background.

Talk about vanity! The level six boss is a robotic mockup of Professor Evilguy. He shoots lasers out of the fingers, and little troops come out of his mouth, which need to be bombed.

Yes, I know this looks like the last level, but it's not!

Has anyone else noticed that the Twinbees look exactly like roll-on deodorants? Pop 'n' perspirant more like....


FINAL LEVEL! Yahoo! Go Go Go....


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